Looking to the future

鈥淛ust improve yourself; that is the only thing you can do to better the world.鈥 鈥 Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Pathways and Careers program at 香港最快开奖结果 complements our focus on developing happy, healthy, and high achieving students.

Students are supported in their exploration of vocational skills and preferences, through to subject selection and eventually transition from school to further education and the workforce.

Our careers website also contains valuable resources about careers and education and training pathways that will help students make decisions about their future careers and life beyond school.

Career Development

Based on the competencies outlined in the Australian Blueprint for Career Development, the program in Years 9 鈥 12 provides students with opportunities to:

  • develop self-awareness
  • understand their capacity for growth
  • develop confidence in decision making
  • access and use resources to navigate their pathways independently

To keep our School Community informed of career events, courses and providers, job opportunities and profiles, we also publish a comprehensive fortnightly newsletter.

A Holistic Program of Support from Years 9 - 12

Students prepare for the world of work, creating resumes and learning interview skills. The Greenways Caf茅 Program provides an excellent platform for the development of key employability skills. Under the guidance of Mentors and Careers Counsellors, students reflect on their skill sets and begin to undertake initial research into careers and industries that interest them.

After completing a career interest and aptitude inventory, students have a 1:1 meeting with a Careers Counsellor to discuss future pathways ahead of VCE subject selections. Students are provided with a range of resources and websites to utilise for research into different pathway options. Success Day gives students an opportunity to set goals for the next step in their educational journey and a series of onsite workshops provided by various university and TAFE providers gives them an exciting insight into possibilities. Work experience is also available to students in Year 10.

This year is utilised for researching pathway options, ahead of students鈥 final year of schooling. All Year 11 students attend the VCE and Careers Expo and a follow-up 1:1 meeting with a Careers Counsellor to learn how to effectively utilise websites related to course searches and employment options.

Students participate in House-based workshops at the beginning of the year to successfully navigate their way through planning their pathways beyond Year 12. They are provided with a range of resources to help them both in Year 12 and beyond the school gates. Every student has a 1:1 Pathways meeting with a Careers Coordinator to assist with university or TAFE applications, international study opportunities, employment applications or other post-school options. Career Quest is a seminar program offering insights from 香港最快开奖结果 alumni to assist students with their transition from school to vocational and educational pathways.