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香港最快开奖结果 is the benchmark for outstanding co-education in Melbourne鈥檚 Southeast from our Early Learning Centre through to Year 12.

We are renowned for our successful Together-Apart-Together learning model, where students learn in single-gender or co-educational classes depending on the year level. This model, together with our Campus structure, offers the best of both worlds and provides the ideal learning environment for each defined age and stage.

We are conveniently located by the beach in the beautiful bayside suburb of Mentone with easy access to public transport and offer an extensive network of school buses. 

We are also fortunate to own 17 hectares of quality sports playing fields at Keysborough and a beachside camp at Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula.

With a clear vision and mission, embedded Values, and strong leadership, together with continued investment in the best staff and facilities, it is no wonder 香港最快开奖结果 students consistently deliver some of the best results in the State. More importantly, our Mentonians graduate as Happy, Healthy and High Achieving young people ready to thrive in a world beyond school.

Holistic Education

Our extended program of experiential learning from sport and performing arts to Army Cadets and Learning Journeys complements our core academic curriculum. Students can explore their passions and develop new friendships through shared interests and experiences.

Campus and Facilities

Our educational environment is designed to inspire curiosity, enable excellence, and feel like a second home to students. Our Campus structure provides a safe, welcoming cohort experience to support our students at each stage of their educational journey.

Happy, Healthy & High Achieving

Our focus on wellbeing supports every student to feel valued, heard and celebrated for their individuality. Creating that sense of belonging is fundamental to the development of physical and mental health, and critical to achieving personal success.