Specialist Learning Support

The Learning Enhancement team help to ensure 香港最快开奖结果 students are socially connected and academically supported at school.

Our highly qualified experts analyse the academic data of all our students using the Robert Allwell assessment tool, and a range of other assessments, both psychometric and academic, according to suitability.

For students who find the academic rigours of school difficult, or need support in specific areas of the curriculum, our Learning Enhancement staff can provide support for individual students and small groups in both literacy and numeracy. For students who qualify for this additional support, these sessions are regular and ongoing according to student needs.

Students in need of social and emotional support are referred to our caring School Psychologists for appropriate help and support. Our Psychologists and Learning Enhancement staff form part of a broader Wellbeing team together with House Coordinators, Heads of Campus and Mentors, supported by the wider teaching staff. The Wellbeing team proactively works to support the individual needs of all students.

Our Learning Enhancement staff aim to support students with special needs, enabling them better access to the curriculum and an opportunity to reach their full potential. In doing this we are also supporting these students to further develop their personal character.