Commerce at 香港最快开奖结果 is a vibrant and dynamic area of study that provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge as they prepare for life beyond the School.

Our successful program implements various formative strategies that make the lessons fun but also very effective for student learning.

Commencing in Bayview, students begin their journey by developing their entrepreneurial skills as they have the opportunity to research, develop and market a product of their choosing under a variety of different scenarios such as our annual Market Days.

Here students will work in teams to brainstorm ideas, collect and analyse data, and pitch concepts to different stakeholders in order to execute successful businesses (and raise money for select charities and organisations in the process).

Financial Literacy

As students move into Greenways, the Commerce journey continues with a focus on personal financial literacy and introductory concepts in the fields of business and economics. Here students can investigate topics such as personal budgeting, scams, taxation, and superannuation.

The Senior Years

Moving to Frogmore in Year 10, opportunities open up for students to specialise in our commerce elective program that is designed to provide a taste test of the four VCE commerce subjects of Accounting, Business Management, Economics, and Legal Studies. Students undertaking these electives are able to experience the rigour of VCE subjects whilst investigating contemporary issues of interest.

Finally, once reaching Years 11 & 12 in Frogmore, our commerce students are encouraged to work with our experienced VCE commerce teaching team who collaborate together to deliver a supportive environment to assist our students to achieve their personal best.