Years 5 & 6

Riviera introduces our unique Together-Apart-Together model where students learn in gender-based environments. During this stage in their learning, they begin to develop a sense of who they are and how they contribute to their community.

The Years 5 & 6 program challenges and encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. Our programs aim to build our students鈥 capacity to respond to challenges in innovative, informed ways, personally and as a collective.

Our project-based learning and extended investigations approach ensures communication, research, organisation, and thinking skills are embedded across the curriculum, thus enabling students to develop skills needed to respond and thrive in our interconnected, culturally diverse, and rapidly changing world.

Empowering Learning鈥

The Riviera Campus meets students where they are in their learning and empowers them to become self-navigating life-long learners. Literacy and numeracy continue to be at the core of the learner鈥檚 education, supplemented with specialist subjects including digital technologies to make use of the specialist facilities onsite including a professional film studio, green screen and recording booths.聽

Additional core subjects include science, music, art, drama, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and a special program called Global Changemakers.

Problem Finders and Solvers

Learning in Riviera is lifeworthy and spectacular, where students become problem finders and solvers through projects that exercise their thinking skills.聽

Students move from Riviera with an understanding of the world, not as something that unfolds separate and apart from them but as a field of action that they can potentially direct and influence.

Welcome to Riviera

Learn more about life at the Riviera Campus with Mary Craven – Head of Riviera.

Life in Riviera includes our amazing Learning Journeys to places such as Canberra for Year 6, Sovereign Hill for Year 5, and Mentone鈥檚 own beachfront camp at Shoreham. Students share fun experiences and create memories with friends that will last a lifetime.