The best of both worlds

Our unique Learning and Teaching model is one of the key reasons so many families choose our School for their children, offering them the best of both worlds.

Students benefit from a dynamic co-educational environment that encourages and respects diversity. They experience opportunities to work and socialise as reflected in the world around them.

To create the optimum learning environment, classes are co-educational from ELC 鈥 Year 4 and from Years 10 鈥 12, with students learning in single-gender classes through Years 5 鈥 9. This period of early adolescence can be a vulnerable time for children as they experience great change and develop their sense of self as they move towards being a teenager and an adult.

In recognition of this, our Years 5 鈥 9 program is tailored to the unique needs of boys and girls during this critical time in their physical, social, and emotional development.

This provides them with a greater sense of security, and a supportive environment to speak openly with staff and their peers about common and relevant issues.


Discover more about our unique learning model that provides our Community with the best of both worlds.