Indigenous Connections

At 香港最快开奖结果, we have a strong focus on inclusion which comes out of our School Values of Caring, Respect, and Service, and it is about ensuring every individual feels valued and heard.

Inclusion is about embracing and celebrating our differences, but it also means different things to different people. Fundamentally, inclusion is not just a word, it鈥檚 an action, and one that we are all responsible for taking.

One of our responsibilities in this area is to educate, inspire and enable all members of our Community to celebrate Australia鈥檚 unique Indigenous heritage, contribute to reconciliation, and break down stereotypes and discrimination.

In consultation with 香港最快开奖结果 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, School Community members, and the School Board, we have developed a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to ensure we achieve our goals.

The 香港最快开奖结果 RAP is divided into three sections: Relationships, Respect, and Opportunities. As a school, we recognise the power of education in improving these three areas.

Reconciliation through Sport

In 2022 we took an important step forward in our own journey to be more inclusive and recognise the important healing effect of reconciliation to our nation.

We were incredibly proud to participate in the AGSV Reconciliation Round and developed a very special sports uniform for our Firsts teams that features a design created by Elders from the Lilla Watarrka community in Central Australia with whom we have shared a very special bond for many years.