Spirituality and Service

香港最快开奖结果 is an Anglican school, and we welcome students of all backgrounds and religious beliefs.

We nurture and develop the spiritual dimension of our students through our religious education program. These lessons complement the work of our two dedicated School Chaplains, who take Chapel Services and form part of our broader Wellbeing team, providing pastoral care for students and staff.

In addition, through our commitment to Social Service, we provide our students with opportunities and experiences that enable them to look beyond their own concerns and engage with the needs of others.

The School鈥檚 Value of Service helps to foster other core Values of Respect, Endeavour, Integrity and Caring.

Through our Social Service program, our School motto Labore et Honore 鈥榖y work and with honour鈥 is lived out in the lives of our young people. There can be no more honourable labour than that which seeks to bring comfort to those in need.

Social Service Program鈥

Our Social Service pledge is to educate and encourage lifelong empathy and action.

As a Community, we seek to build connections with groups and organisations with a focus on education and supporting the needs of young people at the local, national, and international level. In response to times of need, the program also helps to facilitate our students鈥 desire to give by channeling funds and resources to the appropriate organisations.

Through the opportunities and experiences of this program, students are encouraged to expand their horizon of care and to develop a lifelong passion for serving others.

Understanding Faith鈥

Our religious education program invites students to reflect upon their beliefs and to understand the beliefs of those around them.

We discuss the importance of religion and its place in the world. We study stories from the Bible and consider their contemporary relevance and examine the life of Jesus and how his example can inspire us to live out our School Values more effectively.