The English program at 香港最快开奖结果 contributes to the development of literate individuals capable of critical and creative thinking, aesthetic appreciation and creativity.

Through engagement with traditional methods and contemporary approaches, students studying English become confident, articulate and critically aware communicators and further develop a sense of themselves, their world and their place within it.

English helps equip students for participation in a democratic society and the global community.聽Throughout the years, students are enabled to develop and refine their own skills in reading, writing, listening comprehension and verbal communication.

Literacy Foundations

In the Early Years, our students are empowered to learn the three interrelated strands of language, literature and literacy through a variety of instructional strategies in relevant, authentic and meaningful contexts.

They develop English skills, concepts and processes while gaining a sense of the power of language to stir emotions, convey information, form ideas, entertain, persuade and argue. In Eblana (Foundation – Year 4), all classes concurrently focus on the same unit of study for Reading and Writing.

This means that our students can learn from one another, no matter their age, and they can celebrate their shared learning at the conclusion of a teaching unit.


As students move into the Middle Years, they will engage with and discover their own interests and passions across a wide range of texts from various genres, including narrative, film, persuasive and poetry. By using a range of reading strategies, students immerse themselves in reading while enhancing their understanding of themes, authors鈥 craft, text composition and purpose. Students are encouraged to further increase the sophistication of their own work by experimenting with creating and crafting their own short films, stories and opinion pieces.

The Senior Years

Progressing into the Senior years, the study of English naturally becomes more sophisticated as students are introduced to the expectations of VCE English and are given a taste of the assessments and learning to come. One such requirement is oral presentations, an experience that is daunting for many, but the sense of achievement after tackling this challenging experience is exhilarating!

A key focus in the Senior years is on how language is used to create meaning across a range of contexts, purposes and for different audiences. Different selected texts and mentor texts from acclaimed contemporary and classic writers are used to encourage students to think both critically and creatively.

The learning gained throughout their English journey at 香港最快开奖结果 will play a crucial role in preparing our students for the aspirations they have for their lives after school and how they will participate socially, culturally and economically in society.