Years 7 & 8

In Bayview, our focus on nurturing independence moves to centre stage. Our students learn to manage multiple demands on their time and attention and make important life choices with increasing ownership and agency.

Students remain in single-gender classes and our program is tailored to the unique needs of boys and girls during this important time in their physical, social, and emotional development.

Our academic program is designed to engage, focus, and sustain the interests of students as they grow in confidence and take increased responsibility for their own learning.

At each year level, we focus on developing the different traits of a lifelong learner, including problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and higher-order thinking skills. Students build connectedness to their world, establishing links between disciplines and deepening their knowledge.

Classrooms are dynamic spaces where teachers set clear learning intentions for students, monitor their progress using formative assessment, and base future teaching on their findings. This enables each learner to feel challenged, stimulated, and engaged, promoting a willingness to take risks and respond to feedback.

A Supportive Network鈥

To support our students on their journey, we carefully select our Bayview Mentors who are responsible for coaching, guiding, and assisting each student in their care on a day-to-day basis. In addition, our team of passionate Middle Years teachers appreciate the energy, humour, curiosity, imagination and unpredictability of students at this age.聽

Through our vibrant cross-campus House model, students in Bayview feel connected across the School as a whole, as well as with their Mentor, building sequentially into the Senior campuses of Greenways and Frogmore.

Exploring New Horizons

Recognising that all children at this important time have unique gifts and qualities, we provide all our students with a broad range of co-curricular experiences alongside their academic programs to develop and explore their passions. Friendship, leadership, and teamwork are just some of the benefits that our integrated arts, technologies, languages and sports programs add to our busy calendar. This includes our Learning Journeys program where students experience life beyond the classroom during the Year 7 camp to our beautiful beachfront Shoreham property on the Mornington Peninsula and learn about our country鈥檚 unique Indigenous heritage during the Year 8 Learning Journey to Central Australia.

Welcome to Bayview

Learn more about life at the Bayview Campus with Dan Newton – Head of Bayview.

In Bayview, both within the classroom and during Learning Journeys, our students are supported to explore how to be their best selves as individuals and members of their communities.