House Spirit and Mentoring

Mentoring is entrenched within our culture and supports students to connect with their own inner resources and community.

Our students and teachers build strong, mutually respectful relationships which enhance the learning environment.

In ELC and Eblana (Foundation 鈥 Year 4) a dedicated classroom teacher is primarily responsible for the social, emotional, and academic progress of each student.

Riviera (Years 5 & 6) and Bayview (Years 7 & 8) students have a Mentor who they meet with for morning roll call. The Mentor will teach at least one of their core subjects and work with the class during dedicated Mentor sessions.

Greenways (Year 9) students have a Mentor who they meet with each morning for roll call and during weekly Mentor classes.

Frogmore (Years 10 鈥 12) students benefit from a vertical support system. Their House group, which consists of students from Years 10 – 12, offers both staff and peer mentoring. This has proven to be an exceptionally effective method for this age group and offers invaluable opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership and experience a strong sense of belonging.

Class Mentors鈥

Class Mentors provide a foundation of encouragement and trust for students to practice their independence and resilience. Mentors work together with all staff involved in the student’s journey, including the Wellbeing services team where required.

In our Year 9 Greenways program, there are both Class and Learning Journeys Mentors to ensure that students are supported to maximise personal development opportunities during this important year of experiential learning.

The House System

Every student when they join the School will be allocated into one of ten Houses. Under the guidance of designated House Coordinators, students come together from each year level to enable cross-age mentoring and leadership opportunities.聽

House Coordinators are assisted by Mentors, who are assigned to each House. The Houses meet regularly and provide opportunities for House activities organised by House Captains and the House Leadership Team. The House system supports students to build positive relationships, develop empathy, emotional intelligence and enhance responsible decision making in order to help students learn how to handle challenging situations and develop their leadership skills. A number of House functions are organised throughout the year and involve students and parents, such as House Dinners and House Chapel Services. Of course, there are also opportunities for some healthy House spirit with fun competitions in sport, music, drama, chess, debating and more.

Our Mentone Houses鈥

  • Anderson 鈥楢rmy鈥
  • Clark ‘Crusaders’
  • Deighton 鈥楧evils鈥
  • Drinan 鈥楧ragons鈥
  • Finlay Anderson 鈥楩alcons鈥
  • Johnston ‘Jets’
  • Jones 鈥楯aguars鈥
  • Lionel Large 鈥楲ions鈥
  • Were 鈥榃arriors鈥
  • White 鈥榃olves鈥